Sharing Images

Raising awareness

Our top priority at Stop F45CISM is to raise awareness of fascism in the form of Trumpism. The most effective means to this end is to create and share images that quickly and succinctly deliver powerful messages of protest.

Sharing images

Please feel free to share these images far and wide. You’re welcome to use them for any non-profit activity to help spread the message and raise awareness. Consider attaching them to your social media posts, blog posts, forum posts and web pages. Attribution is not required, but we hope you’ll also include a link back to wherever possible.

Images are hosted on Imgur

The images on this page are being hosted on Hosting this way makes it very easy to link images on platforms such as Reddit. Imgur is very fast and reliable.

Custom images

All of our images were created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If you need an image customized, perhaps to look better at a given resolution, please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to either create the image for you or provide a design file, if needed.

Printing images on material products

If you would like to use these images on clothing, hats, stickers, signs or other material items, all we ask is that the items be used personally by you and friends, and not for resale. If you would like to sell items with Stop F45CISM images, please Contact Us to make arrangements. We can either deliver the design files or create a design that fits your needs.

Image Resources : Page 2

600 x 338

800 x 450

Concept Billboard v1 (600 x 454)

Concept Billboard v1 (1240 x 740)

Concept Billboard v2 – Obama quote – (600 x 488)

(see additional images under the “Resources” menu)