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Fascism in the United States today

-- February 4, 2019

Doug Bates, Executive Director

Welcome to "Stop F45CISM" -- our effort to support voting in the United States, to oppose what we perceive as the rise of fascism in the U.S. today, and to find common ground with our fellow Americans.

What do we mean by the rise of fascism? That is going to require a bit of a look at both history, and what is going on in politics today. First off, what is fascism? In itself, that is a very difficult question to answer. The best I can do is to have a look at historical definitions. From Merriam-Webster: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. Further, a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.

So that is a formal definition. Let’s have a look at how it is happening in the U.S. today. Obviously, based on our name, we are focused on the rise of fascism as it pertains to the 45th President of the United States.

First off, some examples of what I see: Nazi’s marching in the streets of Charlottesville, NC. How hard is it to say Nazi’s are bad? Apparently, pretty difficult for this President. He places blame on both sides, basically empowering those with fascist, racist beliefs. The Alt-Right loves this President.

Trump’s love of dictators – on Recep Erdogan of Turkey: "He does things the right way." On Kim Jong-un of North Korea: “He speaks, and his people sit up in attention, I want my people to do the same.” On Rodrigo Duterte of The Philippines: "We've had a great relationship. This has been very successful." On Vladimir Putin of Russia: "It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond." It goes on with several other leaders whom the rest of the world has condemned as authoritarian and dictators.

On racism – no need to go very deep here -- his campaign launching statement on Mexican immigrants: "They're sending people that have a lot of problems, and they're bringing those problems with them. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." One of his many statements on Muslims: "You're going to have to watch and study the mosques, because a lot of talk is going on at the mosques." His most infamous statement about many countries in the world: "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?"

His version of severe economic regimentation is the tax cut bill of 2018. 1.5 trillion dollars of cuts, the vast majority of which are focused on increasing the wealth and prosperity of the wealthiest, as well as increasing corporate welfare. These tax cuts, which were purported to be to help create jobs all across the country, are largely being used to buy back stocks of those corporations, thereby increasing the value to stock-holders and corporate executives. Guess who owns the stock? The richest 10% own 84% of all stocks – the top 1% own 38% of all stocks. Not much left for the rest of us.

Social regimentation is being pursued through stacking the courts with social conservatives, with the end goal of potentially overturning key legislation and former court decisions like Roe v. Wade, Affirmative Action, even the Americans with Disabilities Act. Women are losing control of their own bodies, drip by drip, from extreme legislation that is being upheld by these new, conservative justices.

The Suppression of opposition? Calling a free press the “enemy of the people,” mocking reporters, blaming everything that goes wrong on the “deep State,” blaming Democrats for not accepting some of his extreme proposals, such as a wall or canceling the ACA without a new plan for the poorest Americans in place. To top it all off, when you don’t like something, just call it "fake news." He has stated on more than one occasion his desire to see a “permanent President.”

On Nation, all you have to do is look at his campaign slogan: "Make America Great Again." He is basically denying the fact that this Republic, the one in which he declared bankruptcy 3 times in, but was able to rebuild from, wasn’t great already. America has challenges – if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be America. That is the Greatness of America – always building towards a more just future for all. This President likes to do the favorite thing of fascists – divide and conquer. Depending on the day, you can take your pick - Mexicans, Muslims, Unions, Democrats, the Press, and others. He calls them names, making up stories, making all of them the “enemy of the people.”

This is what we see as the greatest challenge to our Republic in many years. We already had our troubles, as the parties have moved further and further apart. However, this President has very cunningly used those troubles to further push the sides away from each other. The President is supposed to be a Great Uniter – the one who heals divides, who reaches out to others for the good of our Republic, putting Nation over party. However, Trump is doing his best to push us so far apart, it may take years for us to really come together again.

That is what this site is all about – a place to call out the problems, and all of those that promote division for personal gain or glory. A place to find common ground, to try to heal some of the wounds, to understand that a difference of opinion is not a difference of principle. We are all Americans – people who care passionately about our Republic and want to see it become its very best self. This site is going to try to be one of those places where civil discussion is promoted and encouraged. We want to share success stories from across the Republic – people coming together, not only to protest what is going on, but to show that we are actually more united than the President and a lot of the news would have us believe. Join us on the journey as we fight against this President and what he has encouraged by both words and actions. Help us as we try to find and promote the ideas that will help all Americans, regardless of race, color, creed, or politics.


The 45th president of the United States exploited the fascist dictator playbook to gain power. Our goal is to raise awareness of the scary parallels to historical events, to protest loudly against this tyranny and to motivate our family and friends to rise up and restore our honor and sanity via the voting booth.


Trump is very proud of his status as the 45th president:

But the number 45 has become forever tainted with the ugly form of fascism that has manifested itself in the form of Trumpism.

This symbol serves as a badge of shame and a reminder of what our ancestors fought against. Please let your voice be heard and help us

Stop F45CISM


Please help us spread this message far and wide. The urgency of raising awareness cannot be underestimated.