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Stop F45CISM

Officially Launched on January 1, 2019

Federal PAC

Stop F45CISM is a federally registered Political Action Committee (PAC). As such, we are subject to all federal reporting requirements. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) will collect funding and expense data from Stop F45CISM and make it publicly available on its website at www.fec.gov. Stop F45CISM’s official registration ID is C00691766.

Mailing Address

Stop F45CISM
2425 Golden Hill Rd
Ste 106 – 264
Paso Robles, CA 93446

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We cannot promise a reply to every email or letter given our limited resources, but we will read everything sent.

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Our Mission

The 45th president of the United States exploited the fascist dictator playbook to gain power. Our goal is to raise awareness of the scary parallels to historical events, to protest loudly against this tyranny and to motivate our family and friends to rise up and restore our honor and sanity via the voting booth.

Symbol Of Shame

Trump is very proud of his status as the 45th president:

But the number 45 has become forever tainted with the ugly form of fascism that has manifested itself in the form of Trumpism.

This symbol serves as a badge of shame and a reminder of what our ancestors fought against. Please let your voice be heard and help us

Stop F45CISM

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The urgency of raising awareness about the rise of fascism cannot be underestimated.
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